Linda Edson


With a deep passion to not have to do dishes at night for her massive family or have to endure eating hamburger helper (brother's favorite thing to cook), Linda traded with her brothers dish duties for cooking and developed an intense love for cooking, creating recipes, and producing dinners and events for her family of 14 siblings. As a teenager she could often be found at Barnes and Nobles reading through cookbooks, with a fond memory of reading a new cookbook called "The French Laundry Cookbook" for the first time cover to cover which lit up a fire within. After that she decided she wanted to go to a school for cooking, with no clue it could be a career.

Born and raised in Argentina to an American dad and French mom, her background had a mix of many cultures and experiences, which contributes to the mix of flavors she enjoys incorporating into the menu. At 17 years old she landed in the Bay Area to go to culinary school in San Francisco. With stints in New York + Kansas City she made her way back to the Bay and proceeded to stage at some of the finest restuarants including Masa's, Campton Place, The French Laundry and Michael Mina's.

During her time working at Gary Danko's she fell in love with a cafe in Potrero Hill called Axis Cafe and spent lots of time thinking of all the ways she would improve it, although she was convinced she would be in fine dining for life and had plans of traveling all throughout Europe at the best of the best restaurants. However, life had other plans and after being asked for 6 months to come work at this cafe she finally made the decision to leave fine dining. Eventually becoming co-owner and then taking over the business entirely and changing the name to Aracely, her daughter's middle name.

In 2014 the space in Potrero Hill was demolished and the cafe was relocated to Treasure Island. While pregnant with baby number 2, Linda quietly opened Aracely Cafe with the expectation of a simpler lifestyle.

The quiet little corner continues to be a surprise and a joy, bringing so many interesting people, relationships and moments of celebration.

While her passion for food + great wine is still high, a passion for people is what drives her. She is so grateful to be able to create a space that people can come together, have some great conversations, moments, memories and experiences with others. 


Ramon villarReal

Hailing from Mexico, Ramon grew up in a large family working on a farm. In 1997 he landed in San Francisco getting a job as a dishwasher and eventually moving up to prep cook and then line cook.  In 2008 he was hired at Axis Cafe and was eventually promoted to Sous Chef. During construction of Aracely Cafe he helped open another Bay Area restaurant and returned to Aracely once construction was complete. 

With a hard work ethic, consistency, and continual passion to learn and improve, Ramon has helped shape the back of the house into a well-oiled machine that consistently churns out fresh baked pastries, delicious flavors, seasonal changes, and quality ingredients. 



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