October 24th, 2015 



kale shake, almond butter, cucumber, banana, apple  5

smoked salmon, broccolini pancakes, lemon sauce, red onion 10

cheese plate, warm grape compote, fried olives, toast   9

pancakes, seasonal citrus, dulce de leche, walnuts 9

croissant french toast, vanilla cream cheese, cranberries  9

creamy quinoa, apple + mint slaw, cinnamon churro   8


chicken noodle soup, swiss chard, carrots, celery   9

ahi tuna salad, seasame vinagirette, hearts of palm, avocado, wontons 15

cauliflower salad, baby spinach, pear, pecan vinaigrette   9

fried egg sandwich, zoe’s bacon, chermoula, fiscalini cheddar    10

roast beef sandwich, chimichurri, provolone, mushrooms, greens 10

turkey sandwich, roasted pumpkin, zoe's bacon, romaine, remoulade 10

burger, parmesan, pepperoncini, fried onion, garlic aioli  10

add bison 2, egg 2, bacon 2 avocado 2


omelette, goat cheese pesto, sweet potato, roasted mushrooms, basil       10

bluenose sea bass, fried beets, jasmine rice, caper sauce, guacamole  15

two egg combo, bacon or chorizo, roasted potatoes, padron peppers    12

benedict, pork belly, root vegetables, sorrel, jalapeno hollandaise  12

chilaquiles, braised pork, refried beans, avocado, scrambled eggs   13

8-hr shortribs, butternut squash gratin, brussel sprouts 15  add egg 1




baked goods 4

toast, butter, + house jam 3

two eggs 4

empanada of the day 5

one pancake 5

side of the day 4

roasted potatoes 4

apple wood bacon 4